Kingsley | Tendon boots


Kingsley | Tendon boots

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Kingsley | Tendon boots


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1326 Kettering Drive
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The Kingsley Tendon Boots are tendon protectors developed to resolve the dilemma of whether or not to use tendon protectors. Because on the one hand, you want to protect your horse’s tendons, while on the other, the latest research points to excessive temperatures under bandages and tendon protectors while the muscles are working. These increased temperatures can cause the death of cells in the tendons, resulting in injuries. The Kingsley Tendon Boots are constructed from three-dimension woven polyester fibre. This fibre structure is open and fully ventilating, keeping temperatures down. The special structure also ensures that shocks are absorbed. A further major benefit is the ultra-light weight of 160-210 grams. Moreover, because the fibres do not absorb water, the tendon protector does not become heavier in the presence of moisture and/or sweat.

Thermoplastic Material

The Kingsley Tendon boots are provided with a thermoplastic layer. By heating it up, for example using a hair dryer, the boot can be made flexible and pliable. You can then fit it to your own horse and let it harden in  place for 20 minutes. The result is a custom-made product conformed to the specific shape of your horse.