Introducing Equispoke Equine Therapy - our holistic approach to equestrian care and well-being and a compliment to our overall product range. Our first ever PEMF Therapy Machine brings a new level of in-house care or booked services for your equine partner. 

What is PEMF?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) utilizes varying frequencies and intensities to assist in recovery, physical therapy, and relaxation to keep our equine partners in tip top shape. Our machines delivers pulsed magnetic fields into the tissues and cellular structure to stimulate metabolic processes and  to promote healing. 

what does PEMF Therapy Do?

By utilizing effective magnetic fields, stimulation of the system occurs at the cellular level. Excess toxins and waste are removed, and oxygenation is enhanced to allow for more rapid healing and recovery. 

Apart from reducing stress and enhancing recovery times - the resulting improved blood flow enhances speed, strength, endurance, range of motion, and overall performance. Whether your horse is a professional athlete, or a pasture pony and companion - the stress their bodies are put under require the best of care. PEMF technology promotes the reduction of soreness, healing, relieves strain related symptoms, and can enhance the quality of life of retired horses while assisting in keeping top level competitors in ship shape.  

PEMF technology is a valuable tool for competition and lesson barns as well as pleasure horses to maintain a healthy herd with long lived careers and retirement.

PEMF Therapy Treatments

PEMF Therapy can used to treat a wide variety of issues including:  

  • Osteoarthritis & Degenerative Bone Diseases
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Chronic Wounds
  • Swelling (Edema)
  • Post-Operative Pain
  • Musculoskeletal & Neurological Conditions  

PEMF Technology is another tool in the arsenal of the well-being of your horse and herd. Creating a maintenance schedule will assist in ensuring timely treatments and ensuring progress within your herd. 


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PEMF Therapy can be used in a variety of ways including active treatment, maintenance, or relaxation. Many top competition horses have treatments done 24-48 hours in advance of a competition or a demanding ride. Treatment can also be caried out as a post ride recovery routine to assist in muscle recovery and the removal of toxins and lactic acid buildup. For active recovery, the 48 hour treatment window is a great starting point. For schooling programs with in-house devices and where horses are used very regularly, we recommend that treatments be carried out in a maintenance schedule of a minimum 1-2 sessions per week. For schooling programs that book through our service - a minimum bi-weekly maintenance session is recommended.

If your horse is undergoing treatment for EPM (Equine Protozoal Myeloencenphalitis) – PEMF Therapy should not be used until a minimum of two weeks post the end of medication or medical clearing of the parasite. This will ensure that the body has a sufficient amount of time to remove any dead parasites from the horses system.

It is recommended that the device loops are cleaned between uses, or between horses for sanitary purposes with a surface disinfectant. As a solid state electronic device using a capacitor – there are no moving parts that require replacement or recalibration. Analog machines found in competing devices utilize spark plugs that will require scheduled replacement in order to maintain functionality.

Analog systems use continuously varying signals to represent data. In the context of magnetic fields, this means that an analog system may produce a magnetic field that smoothly varies in strength or direction in response to an analog input signal. For example, in an analog audio system, a varying electrical current is amplified and sent through a coil, generating a corresponding magnetic field that drives a speaker cone to produce sound. 

In a Solid State System – a microprocessor is used to generate low-voltage pulses that pass through a coil and generate a magnetic field. The microprocessor is programmed with various settings and presets, allowing the user to select the desired pulse intensity and frequency. Digital machines such as the Equispoke PEMF Therapy System, are quieter, more precise, and more user-friendly than spark chamber machines. They also have a more consistent and stable output.