We proudly offer our PEMF services across the GTHA. We invite you to experience our device first hand with professional care and service. 

An assessment and introduction to the device, it's functions, and a gradual introduction of the sensation to your equine partner ensures confidence in the use of this wonderful treatment process. 

If you are outside of the GTHA and would like to have service carried out, we would be glad to speak further on making treatment arrangements. 

What to Expect

Each session per horse will last an hour and includes a progressive treatment process. Starting with a soft initial introduction of the machine and the sensation to your equine partner, followed by a segmented treatment across the body will ensure proper relaxation and maximum efficiency.



Each PEMF treatment will have a cost of $150+HST per horse with no travel fees within Durham Region. Should you have multiple horses treated within the GTHA, the $50 travel fee will be waived.

Contact Us

For questions or to book our service, please complete the submission form. You can also call us directly at 647-553-1927.